Supermarket Commercial Steel Rack Gondola Wire Shelf

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Our grocery storerack is constructed using a cold bending method, an automated continuous strip punching production line, while the rear panel embraces the mesh layout. In addition, we employ electrostatic powdery coating technology and robust packaging. We meticulously choose SPCC steel as the base material, with skilled laborers overseeing the manufacturing process to guarantee enduring quality and stability. The overall appearance of the entire rack is pleasing to the eye, possessing water-resistant properties, and resists rust due to the fine application of powder coating. Typically, the rack comprises five tiers.

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The shelving system can link primary and additional shelves using columns and assemble effortlessly with no need for tools. Typically, each shelf consists of one base panel and four upper-tier panels. The shelf panels are formed through a welding-free process, ensuring durability and increasing load-bearing capacity. The shelf panels are supported by two sturdy steel strips, enhancing their ability to handle heavier loads. The height of the dual-layer panels can be adjusted to suit your needs. Our stock colors are usually white and gray, but we can customize the color and size according to your preferences. Various options are available in terms of thickness, size, number of layers, and colors. In order to confirm the desired colors, you can send us samples and an RAL card. The back panel design offers a choice between punched holes and flat panels. As for packaging, we use plastic bubble foam to protect the columns from scratches. Other components, such as the panel layers, back panel, PVC plastic price tags, and guardrails, are carefully packed in five-layer corrugated cartons to ensure their safety during transportation.


As these kinds of supermarket shelf is economical with a best price and good design, it is the most widely use at the grocery shop, supermarket, mini market, convenience store, pharmacy shop, medical store and so on other commercial stores to display and sell goods. It helps business easy and efficient.


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