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Linyi City Lanshan District Angle Hardware Co., Ltd. established in 2002, Majored in producing the shelves is a comprehensive enterprise of designing, manufacturing, and trading. Angle hardware has many producing line such as cold-forming line, automatic and continous steel strip punching line ad advanced powder-spray coating line. Meanwhile, we have a professional team of senior technicians and engineers. Middle-east, South Ameica, South Korea and Japan. Holding the aim of “Quality first, Customer first, Angle hardware will supply more high-quality goods and enthusiastic services for customers at home and abroad.

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Steel Slotted Angle


Steel Angle Board


Rivet Shelf


Storage Shelf


Supermarket Shelf


Supermarket Equipment


Steel Slotted Angle

Customized product requirements:
1. Customers need to provide: side width, thickness, length, truncation method, etc.
2. The hole type of the product.
3. The MOQ is 10 tons.
4. The color of the product can refer to the international color card RAL standard.

Rivet Shelf

Surface treatment: electrostatic powder spraying.
Color: White, Grey, Silver.
Product features: The raw material is cold-rolled steel plate without bolts and fastening. The rivet design is in place in one step. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, beautiful and generous. The layer distance can be adjusted up and down at a distance of 3.75cm. The rivet shelf is designed for 4 or 5 layers, and the total load up to 300kg.
Applicable places: shopping malls, shops, storage rooms, garages, study rooms, offices, showrooms, warehouses, etc.


Angle Steel Plate

Surface treatment: Electrostatic power coating processing.
Color: White, Grey.
Product feactures:
1. Angle steel plate shelves, nice appearance, are easy to install. Angle steel plate shelves can be at 2.5cm for spacing arbitrarily up-down adjusted. Many groups of shelves also can be connected in order to increase te overall stability of shelves..

2. The material of angle steel plate is cold rolled sheet, which surfee shot blasting, oil removing, four edges bending forming. The back is welded with double rows of reinforcing ribs, and the layer load capacity is greater. Then doing power coating, the color and luster is beautiful and durable insure.
3. The plate and column at thtee top anndd bottom of the shelves is connected with corner platesand screw in order to increase security and firm.
Appliicationn place: Suitable for small parts, accessories and other lighter workpplace.


Storage Shelf

Light shoraage shelf series has the buttfly hole structure to tight and can relyon the cargo weight to lock tightly. The main and additional shelves can be connected unlimited to increase the firmness of shelves and saving the investment. With the advantages of strong-perspective and easy to resemble and combined at random, the shelves is widely used to the whole-sales warehouse and supermarket.

Supermarket Shelf

The supermarket shelf is a professional equipment used for commodity display and display, aiming to improve the display effect and sales volume of commodities. Supermarket shelves have a variety of specifications and structures, and can be displayed on both sides or on one side according to the type and size of the goods. In addition, the material and surface treatment of supermarket shelves can also be selected according to different requirements, such as stainless steel, coated steel plate, wood, etc. Supermarket shelves have the characteristics of adjustable laminates, stable structure, can accommodate a large number of goods, and are easy to maintain. They are indispensable and important equipment for supermarket operations.


Supermarket Equipment

The supermarket trolley is a kind of equipment used for shopping and moving goods, which is reasonably designed, easy to operate, and equipped with durable tires. The supermarket vegetable shelf is a special equipment for displaying and displaying vegetables. It has the characteristics of high space utilization, stable structure, easy cleaning, and keeping vegetables fresh, so that customers can more easily choose the vegetables they need.

Angle Steel Accessories, etc.

Each kind of goods has different models and sizes, and special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.