Storage Movable Metal Rack Folding Shelf Racking With Rolling Wheels

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The folding shelf is a new style of storage shelf. It is very popular with the characteristic of movable, portable, and good-looking appearance. Our folding shelf is made up of Q195 steel raw material. With the using of high temperature electrostatic spraying technology, the surface is smooth, water resisted and anti-rusted. We select the thicker metal material, and the shelf is strong and longtime using. Each layer can bear 75kg.The design of the folding shelf is very smart. There is punching holes in the layer board. It is easy to install without any tools and just unfold the shelf will be ok. You can even spread it in just 5 seconds.

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When there is no need of the shelf, you can just fold it and put it into a small place. There is four PVC wheels at the bottom of shelf and locks in the PVC wheels. When you need to move the shelf, just unlock the locks, and can push it anywhere easily. Then lock it to ensure the shelf stable and safe. There is side net at the two sides of the shelf to prevent sliding and falling. There are 3 sizes in stock: 71*34*88cm 3layer, 71*34*126cm 4 layer and 71*34*162cm 5layer. And colors are white and black in normal. About the 4layer and 5layer shelf, there is insurance pins at the top. Just lock the pins when unfold the shelf. Other sizes and color can be also customized at the customers’ requirements. About the package, each piece will be packed by plastic bags and the into the five-layer export mail carton to ensure the shelf in good condition in transport.


The folding shelf can be used in the living room, bedroom, study room, kitchen, office, warehouse and so on. It helps us to make full use of the space and offer us a clean and order living.


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