Punching Holes Perforated Steel Slotted Angle Iron Metal Bar

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Our company’s Angle steel is made of cold bending, strip automatic continuous punching production line, and adopts electrostatic injection technology. It can be used in building structure, mechanical manufacturing, bridge construction, shipbuilding and other fields. Generally, the standard length of angle steel is 3.05 meters or 2.44 meters(10 FT=3.05 meters, 8 FT=2.44 meters, 7FT=2.135 meters). The material of the angle steel can be ordinary carbon steel, low alloy steel and high strength steel. Surface treatment can improve corrosion resistance and aesthetics by spraying and other methods. If you need to purchase angle steel, you need to pay attention to factors such as the specification, size and material of the angle steel, and choose the appropriate product according to actual needs.

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Angle steel is widely used in shelf making, and its main uses are as follows:
1. Shelf column: Angle steel is often used to make shelf columns. Because of its high strength, durability, and ease of machining, angle steel is an ideal choice for shelf posts.
2. Shelf beams: Angle steel can also be used to make shelf beams. Using angle steel as the shelf beam can increase the load-bearing capacity of the shelf and improve the stability of the shelf.
3. Shelf reinforcement: Angle steel can also be used to make shelf reinforcements to enhance the stability and load-bearing capacity of the shelves.
4. Stacker crane arm: Angle steel can also be used in the production of stacker crane arm to improve the working efficiency and safety of the stacker crane.
5. Others: Angle steel can also be used to make cargo boxes, shelf bases, etc.
When purchasing angle steel, it is necessary to determine the type and quantity of the material according to the required specifications, size and quantity, and choose an angle steel supplier with reliable quality and reasonable price.


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