The Development and Differences of Supermarket Shelves

Supermarket shelves are very important equipment in the modern retail industry and can effectively optimize product display and display. As the retail industry continues to develop, the supermarket shelf industry is also constantly innovating and improving.

This article will introduce the dynamics of the supermarket shelf industry, as well as several common supermarket shelf products, including Anchen supermarket shelves, Japanese supermarket shelves, steel-wood supermarket shelves and four-column supermarket shelves.

Supermarket shelf industry trends: As consumers have increasingly higher requirements for shopping environment and experience, the supermarket shelf industry is also constantly innovating and developing.

On the one hand, the design of supermarket shelves tends to be simple and fashionable to improve the display effect of goods; on the other hand, the functions of supermarket shelves are becoming more and more diversified to meet the needs of different product display and display. In addition, with the rise of e-commerce, supermarket shelves have also begun to be integrated with Internet technology, adding intelligent and digital features.

Installation process: The installation process of supermarket shelves generally includes the following steps: Determine the layout and location of shelves: Determine the layout and placement of shelves based on the supermarket's layout and product display needs. Prepare tools and materials: According to the specific model and installation requirements of the shelf, prepare the required tools and materials, such as screwdrivers, screws, square nuts, etc. Build the main structure: According to the design drawings and instruction manual of the shelf, build the main structure of the shelf in sequence, including columns, beams, etc.

 Install accessories and accessories: According to the specific requirements of the shelves, install accessories and accessories, such as hooks, partitions, support rods, etc., to meet the display needs of the goods. Install fixings: Use screws and other fixings to firmly install the shelves on the supermarket floor to ensure their safety and stability. Cleaning and organizing: After installation, clean and organize the shelves to ensure they look nice and tidy.

Product Details:

Anchen supermarket shelves: Anchen supermarket shelves use high-quality cold-rolled steel plates as the main material. The surface has been treated with anti-rust treatment and has the characteristics of stable structure and durability. Its design is simple and elegant, and can effectively display different types of goods.

 Japanese supermarket shelves: Japanese supermarket shelves are famous for their simple and fresh design style. Made of specially treated wooden materials, it has the characteristics of good texture, environmental protection and health. It is suitable for displaying daily necessities, desserts, tea and other products.

Steel-wood supermarket shelves: Steel-wood supermarket shelves combine the advantages of steel and wood and are durable and stable. It comes in various styles and is suitable for displaying various commodities, such as food, beverages, home appliances, etc.

Four-column supermarket shelves: Four-column supermarket shelves are a common shelf type, which are supported by four columns and are suitable for large supermarkets and warehouses. This kind of shelf has a stable structure and strong load-bearing capacity, and can be installed on the wall or used as an island display.

Summarize: With the development of the retail industry, the supermarket shelf industry is also constantly innovating and improving to meet consumers' requirements for shopping environment and experience. Choosing the right shelf type for your own supermarket is an important step to improve product display and attract consumers. I hope this article will be helpful to you.


Post time: Oct-31-2023