Supermarket shelves

Supermarket shelves are an essential display facility for supermarkets. They are used to display and store various commodities, and play an important role in customers' shopping experience and commodity sales. 1. The installation process of supermarket shelves: 1. Planning layout: Before installing supermarket shelves, planning and layout design should be carried out first. According to factors such as the size of the supermarket, the type of goods and the flow of customers, determine the size, quantity and display method of the shelves. 2. Material preparation: According to the planned layout, prepare the required shelf materials, such as metal columns, beams and plates. Make sure the material is of good quality and able to bear the weight of the cargo. 3. Build the shelf: According to the layout design, build the skeleton of the shelf. First, according to the floor plan of the supermarket, mark the position of the column on the ground and make sure that the column is vertical. Then, secure the uprights to the ground. Then, according to the design, the beams and plates are connected to the columns. 4. Adjust the display method: After installing the shelves, adjust the height, angle and display method of the shelves according to the actual situation and the needs of the goods. Ensure that products are clearly visible, accessible and enhance the aesthetics of the display. Second, the industry dynamics of supermarket shelves: 1. Multifunctional design: With the diversification of consumer needs and the development of supermarket business, the design of shelves tends to be multifunctional. Some shelves have functions such as liftable, foldable, and movable to adapt to different types of goods and display needs. 2. Personalized customization: The supermarket shelf industry is also paying more and more attention to the needs of personalized customization. Supermarket operators hope to customize unique shelf displays according to their own brands and product characteristics, so as to enhance brand image and attract customers' attention. 3. Advocacy of environmental protection and energy saving: Under the current background of environmental protection and energy saving, the supermarket shelf industry has also begun to advocate low-carbon and environmentally friendly designs. Use environmentally friendly materials, promote recyclable shelf designs, and encourage supermarket operators to reduce unnecessary packaging and waste. 4. Application of digital technology: With the continuous development of technology, supermarket shelves have also begun to apply digital technology. Some shelf equipment has intelligent sensing function, which can automatically adjust shelf display and provide real-time product information according to customers' shopping habits and needs. Through the above installation process and industry trends, it can be seen that the supermarket shelf industry is developing in the direction of intelligence, personalization and environmental protection. Supermarket operators should pay attention to these development trends, choose shelves suitable for their supermarkets, and improve the image and operating efficiency of supermarkets through continuous innovation and improvement.

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Post time: Jul-03-2023