Enhancing Efficiency and Versatility: Unveiling the Perfect Shelving Solutions

Lin yi City Lanshan District Angle Hardware Co.,LTD, established in 2002, Majored in producing the shelves is a comprehensive enterprise of designing, manufacturing, and trading.
Angle hardware has many producing line such as cold-forming line, automatic and continous steel strip punching line ad advanced powder-spray coating line. Meanwhile, we have a professional team of senior technicians and engineers. Middle-east, South Ameica, South Korea and Japan.
Holding the aim of “Quality first, Customer first, Angle hardware will supply more high-quality goods and enthusiastic services for customers at home and abroad.
Both angle steel and rivet racks are types of racks commonly used in industrial and warehouse environments. They are all designed to provide a durable, easy-to-install and high-weight-capacity shelving solution.
First, let's introduce the angle steel shelves. The main material of angle steel shelves is angle steel, which is widely used in industrial production and is a material with high strength and durability. Angle steel racks are simple to build, have a high degree of freedom in combination, and have excellent weight-bearing capacity. They are suitable for large storage spaces or occasions that require load-bearing goods. In addition, the design of the angle steel shelf also considers the storage requirements of the goods, such as the use of adjustable height plates or brackets to facilitate the storage of goods of different specifications.


Next is the rivet shelf. Rivet rack is composed of steel frame and rivets. Rivets are widely used in industry as a mechanical fastener to provide a strong and reliable connection. The rivet shelf set has a stable structure, strong rigidity, and a solid overall combination, which can be flexibly adjusted for different storage needs. Compared with other shelf structures, rivet shelves are more suitable for storing small items, such as daily consumer goods, auto parts, household items, etc.


In general, both angle steel shelves and rivet shelves have their own characteristics and are suitable for different places and storage needs. Choosing the right shelf can not only ensure the safe storage and use efficiency of goods, but also reduce operating costs, optimize the storage layout, and improve the efficiency of warehousing and logistics.

Post time: Jun-06-2023