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Storage shelves are the most used shelves in the modern logistics and warehousing industry. Its appearance brings great convenience to the storage management and space utilization of storage places. It has the characteristics of strong carrying capacity, good durability, and long service life. This article will introduce the product details of storage racks. Product classification Storage shelves are usually divided into multi-layer shelves, attic shelves, heavy-duty shelves, medium-sized shelves, and light-duty shelves according to their design, structure, and material.

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1. Multi-layer shelves multi-layer shelves use vertical space to build multiple storage areas, which can meet the storage needs of different items. It is divided into two types: steel column type and frame type. The steel column type multi-story shelf is made of integral cold-formed steel, which can withstand greater loads and is suitable for storage of overweight and ultra-high items in warehouses.

2. Attic shelves the attic shelf is to use the original space to build a platform to increase storage space. It is usually built on high-rise open spaces such as factories and warehouses, which is convenient for mechanical loading and unloading, and has many advantages in use. Attic shelves are divided into solid attic shelves and grid attic shelves.

3. Heavy-duty shelves Heavy-duty racks, also known as pallet racks or sheet racks, are storage racks used to carry heavy goods. It has a simple structure and strong load bearing capacity and is suitable for storing goods with a mass of more than 1 ton.

4. Medium shelf Medium-sized shelves have strong load-bearing capacity and moderate prices and are suitable for storing goods with a mass of less than 0.5 tons. Typically, suitable for dividing a warehouse into multiple storage areas.

5. Light shelves the light shelf is a kind of furniture shelf. The steel frame is assembled from light thin steel plates. It is suitable for storing various small and irregular items, such as stationery, parts, accessories, etc.


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Scope of application Storage shelves are widely used in enterprises or individuals in various industries: supermarkets, gas stations, hardware stores, rolling mills, machinery factories, food factories and chemical companies, etc. At the same time, in today's increasingly standardized storage, shelves have become an extremely necessary storage facility, suitable for various storage needs.

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